MCD V4 RaceRunne Big Bore Shocks Red V2 - Set 4x
MCD V4 RaceRunne Big Bore Shocks Red V2 - Set 4x
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  • Product Name: MCD V4 RaceRunne Big Bore Shocks Red V2 - Set 4x
  • Product Model: MCD-BB-RED
  • Product Manufacture: Innovative-RC
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Item Full Description

Innovative-RC MCD V4 RaceRunne Big Bore Shocks, Building on our susses from the IRC Baja Big Bore shocks and demand from customers we have developed and taken what's best from the Baja version to these new MCD Versions.

V2 Changes: Now includes spanner flats on shock shaft & shock body for easy fast assembly and maintence on shocks.. shock spanners can be brought serperatly

Also is now a new shock mounting system for mounting onto the towers to stop bending of screws and giving a much more solid solid mounting setup.

Shock bodys also now have a ultra fine burnished mirror-like finish giving a tough,work-hardened surface finish as fine as 2 micro-inches (0.05 micrometers) translating to giving a silky smooth operation over the entire shock travel distance.

Innovative-RC MCD 'Big Bore' shocks are purposely built from the ground up using no stock parts what so ever. Giving a true after market shock with many features over stock shocks...with full spares of every part available.

Starting with a large oversized shock body of 20mm giving a huge volume of oil followed by a heavy duty 8mm high tensile steel shaft that is precision ground round for a perfect seal in all conditions. no large shock shaft would be complete without a Umbrella / Oil seal to give the best possible seal, making leaks a thing of the past & keeping dirt out. we have also built in other seals within the shock bottom to stop and limit any dirt, sand and other fine debris entering into the shock seals and shock body which is the main cause of most shock leaks. Meaning no expensive seal upgrades are needed work has been done for you...

Each shock Cap Contains a bleeding hole for easy quick assemble and bleeding of the shocks once filled with oil meaning removing all air and excess oil quickly and efficiently is now easy.

Followed With the shock body having a fully adjustable unlimited potion adjustment that screws up and down the length of the shock body giving that i deal shock spring set-up for any track or condition that might come up.

Each shocks Spring retainer is full housed on the shock shaft & fork end meaning the retainer can no longer come loose meaning no more lost or loose spring retainers.

.:Over View:

  • Massive 8mm high tensile steel shock shaft

  • V2 incldues spanner Flats on shock body for easy assembly now

  • V2 also has spanner flats on shock shafts

  • V2 also includes 3mm springs as standard

  • V2 have a ultra fine burnished mirror-like finish giving a tough,work-hardened surface

  • 4x MCD V4 Big Bore shocks pre assembled.

  • 4x Aluminium Fork Ends pre installed.

  • 4x top Rear shock mount pivots Stock mounting (For other mounts please see option extra or contact us).

  • Pre install Umbrella/Oil seals for leak free and long life shock operation.

  • Extra seal protection before oil/umbrella seal to stop sand and find dirt entering seals.

.:Needed & recommended Parts:.

  • Shock Oil - 57ml (2oz) ~ fills two and half shocks.

  • Custom Shock Socks available from us & groovy_gaiters

.:Oil recommended:.
We find we do get asked this question quite often, please use the bellow as a guide line only, as we can not know your driving style and likes but we find it helps most people get started on there way to a set-up they like, also custom pistons can help in shock rebound rates (see shock parts for blank pistons and other piston types)

Silicone shock oil, recommend, 20-35wt front, 25-45wt rear. (~200CPS - 400CPS front, 280CPS - 650 CPS rear),

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