UHD Innovative-RC BAJA dogbone set (cups & shafts) Exstended 5mm


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Exstended Length shaft set - 5mm out drive axel pin size

UHD Extended Innovative-RC dog bone Set for HPI baja,

Please note, this set has a 5mm drive pin on the out drive for the axel and no the standard 4mm pin size!

Extended Length shafts which includes Drive cups (inner & outer) shafts having an 18mm ball size giving these a very strong ball area fot running the new 1/4" pin size , while still mainting a good weight to strength ratio, middle section has been increased to 12mm also while using a high grade tensile steel for much more core added strength and durability, more so when it comes to running larger engine sizes (46cc +). these new UHD versions have been made with the large CC engines in mind for standard car models (baja RTR,SS etc), hybrids and the likes etc.
These are the extended drive shaft sets made for extrended a-arms for baja and hybrids. pin center length 149mm, (~33mm extended over standard length)

All steels are made from British grade high tensile EU sourced and coustom heat treated for a final product.

Drive cups
Made to the same out side sizes as the HPI baja 5SC cups so any drive boot designed to work with 5SC cups will fully work with these cups still.

Shafts & cups are made from British grade high tensile heat treated steels. now also having a fully hardend 1/4" pin (6.5mm) for the drive line over the old 5mm version, giving more added contact surface with out sacrificing strength in the cup or dog bone design.
Hardend and ground drive pins with grub screw slots so screws having a grip location helps aid in stopping pins falling out..
Sold as a set of 2x dog bones & cups.(completes 1 car)

  • Can be a driect replacment for standard part #104966,104967,104965

2x UHD Exstended Innovative-RC Dog Bones
4x 1/4"x1" drive pins
4x M4 Grub Screws
2x out drive cups
2x 5x24 H&G Pins
2x M4x10 Socket cap screw
2x out drive cups
2x 5x24 H&G Pins
2x M4x10 Socket cap screw

Lifetime warranty against breaking

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