RACE CVD Shaft Set Front or Rear Losi 5IVE-T (2x) - B3216


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Innovative-RC Lsoi 5ive RACE CVD Set 2x Replacement Front or Rear CVD shafts with outdrive and stub axels to sute, plus all pin hardware.
shafts are made from British high tensile heat treated steel , The outdrive & Stub axels are made from British high tensile steel, heat treated and ground finished for bearing locations after heat treatment. This is the RACE version Set weight in mind while keeping up the strength where needed. less weight meaning less rotaional mass on the track.

on order you can select from booted drive cup version or non Booted, if not states on order then NONBOOTED version will be shipped with the drive shaft set.

Weight per set 305Grams (2x shafts,2x axel cvd cups, 2x diff out cups)

Sold as a CVD set of 2x, can complete a front or rear drive system.
Can be a driect replacment for standard parts , #B3216 #B3224 & #B3212

2x Front/Rear CVD shafts
2x Outdrive F/R Axle - B3212
2x CVD F/R Axle - B3224
2x CVD Pin carryer & 4x20 H&G Pins
2x 5x20 H&G Pins
2x M4 Grub Screws
2x 4x18 H&G Pin

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