Big Bore Shocks - DBXL 2.0 Shock set


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we are pleased to release the Innovative-RC DBXL Big Bore shocks, Innovative-RC 'Big Bore' shocks are purposely built from the ground up using no stock parts what so ever. Giving a true after market shock with many features over stock shocks Based around our proven big bore Losi 5T shocks we have kept the large oversized shock body of 20mm which gives plenty of volume for oil backed up by a 8mm high tensile steel shaft that is precision ground for roundness and most important of all that perfect oil seal surface in all running conditions. No large shock shaft would be complete without a full Umbrella/Oil seals to give the best possible oil seal, that is also backup up by other seals to keep all that fine track dirt and sand out of the shock making leaks a thing of the past. So no expensive seal upgrades are needed!! Each shock Cap Contains a bleeder hole for easy quick assemble and bleeding of the shocks once filled with oil removing all air and excess oil quickly and efficiently. While the shock body has a fully adjustable unlimited position adjust that screws up and down the length of the shock body giving that ideal shock spring set-up for any track or condition that might come into play. Each shocks Spring retainer is full housed on the shock shaft & rose joint meaning the spring retainer can no longer come loose meaning no more lost or loose spring retainers. Shock body’s also have a ultra fine burnished mirror-like finish giving a tough,work-hardened surface finish as fine as 2 micro-inches (0.05 micrometers) translating to giving a silky smooth operation over the entire shock travel distance. Shocks come complete with Progressive springs as standard giving you a soft top ride of the shock and a firmer lower spring travel when needed. Giving a nice fine balance over a mixed surface setup. .:Over View: Massive 8mm hardened steel shock shaft - ground round for a perfect seal Shock body's have a ultra fine burnished mirror-like finish giving a tough,work-hardened surface finish Spanner Flats on all shock body for easy assembly and maintenance. Spanner flats on shock shafts Springs as standard 4x Losi DBXL Big Bore shocks - pre assembled. 4x Bottom rose joint balls for mounting. 4x top shock mount pivots for DBXL towers screws & hardware for mounting shocks. Pre install Umbrella/Oil seals for leak free and long life shock operation. Extra seal protection before oil/umbrella seal to stop sand and find dirt entering seals. direct fit. .:Needed & recommended Parts:. Shock Oil - 57ml (2oz) ~ fills two and half shocks. (as starting point try 30-50WT Oil for upgraded DBXL Builds)
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