Innovative-RC HPI Baja 5B 5T enclosed chassis


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This Innovative-RC Baja Chassis

This Innovative-RC Baja Chassis has been custom made to fit the HPI Baja 5B will also fit the 5T. Made from high quality aluminium and available in 3 different colours (Silver/Clear anodized, Black Anodized & Blue Anodized). This chassis has been CNC machined inside and out with lightening pockets on the inside and also the outside to help keep weight down while maintaining the best strength possible for bashers and racers alike.

This chassis was designed with keeping the dreaded dirt and grass out of key areas of the chassis while maintaining weight and strength ratios. This chassis has a Pre-cut battery slot on the side of the chassis for stock battery switch location, but includes a blanking plate with screws for free, to cover up this hole (see photos below) giving the option to have the battery switch mounting in a alternative location giving maximum dirt protection from entering the chassis areas.

This chassis is also pre drilled for front kick up strengthening plate (option extra), meaning no more drilling holes by hand, the same mounting hole is also pre drilled to take a worx front bumper (extended version)

Chassis also has 4x pre inserted fixing rivets for the front top support brace (87484) giving a strong secure fixing just like the stock chassis no more nuts and bolts.

Chassis Specification & overview:

  • Made from hight quality aluminium
  • Pre Drilled for Front kick up stiffening plate & bumpers (optional extra)
  • Lightening pockets inside and out to keep weight down & maintaining strength
  • 710Grams, same weight as stock chassis (measured on the same scales for comparison
  • Battery blanking plate
  • Pre installed inserts for chassis brace
  • Side Pod dirt mounting holes (option extra)Compatible with all Innovative-RC Parts & Stock parts


Innovative-RC HPI Baja under chassis brace - Silver


This brace fix's under the front kickup on the HPI Stock chassis and also the Innovative-RC Chassis which is predrilled ready for this brace. (non Innovative-RC Chassis will require drilling for rear mounting holes of brace) This is made from 4mm thick Aluminum and Clear anodized finished.

Simply remove your stock skid plate and mount this under the plastic skid plate with provided screws and hardware.
to fix with using the 2x provided rivets please drill the 5mm holes to 7.4mm
Also works with worx skid plate with rear mouting screws.

Weight: 95.00 Grams

1x Front under chassis brace- Silver
2x M5x20 Countsunk screws
2x M5x40 Countersunk screws
2x M5x16 Countersunk screws
2x M5 Screw Rivits



I bought a silver one recently off Rob having seen them on various test cars at the MMR weekend, and because I bent my stock chassis on the last day. Its a very nice looking chassis, and its almost shamefuil it will be scratched to buggery within a few weeks, but hey ho thats what they're for. I like the fact the side rails are not cut out, to help minimise the grass and bits getting in. I also like the blanking plate for the the power switch, so if you move the switch you can blank that bit off as well. Its well thought out, with mysterious holes pre drilled for up and coming optional extras and its very well made. Mine went back together like a dream, although with my alloy GH front shock supports, the fit was tight but correct. Stock chassis or one of these ? its a no brainer really Hosster

Rated by Shaun Howe

What can i say, awesome!!! so much stronger than stock and being enclosed keeps the mess out of the insides, cant rate highly enough, fantastic product at a great price, every baja should have 1 for a bashers video review check out the S.C.B gallery thread on,

Rated by Alan Parker

Bought this amazing chassis, extremely please with it as it looks great and feels solid. Well done innovative great bit of craftsmanship. Just wondering your considering making a quick diff transmission case? Next on the list big bore shocks, I be back innovative. Thanks for the great service

Rated by Zach Kassapi

Hello j'ai demandé a rob ce chassis pour un ami qui n'était plus en stock ma demande a était traité tellement vite que le lendemain ce même chassis etait de nouveau en stock mais en peu d'exemplaires donc je pense que c'était en réponse a ma demande et rien que pour sa irc et toute l'équipe restera vraiment mon fabriquant que j'estime de plus en plus n'importe quelle demande est traité et exécuté le plus rapidement possible je demande toujours des petits plus dans mes commandes et a chaque fois c'est positif contrairement a certains autre ou tout est tout le temps il est beaucoup plus difficile de demander des petits bonus ou autres et pour parler de la qualité et des prix de vos produits c'est encore pareil que du positif j'espère vraiment que vous continuerai a nous sortir et vendre des produits qu'on ne trouve pas ailleurs ou alors beaucoup plus cher,sa ne fait que 6mois que je suis dans le 1/5ème mais honnêtement depuis que j'ai vu les produits irc a l'oeuvre j'ai tout de suite accroché donc voila si vous cherchez quelque chose de fiable et beau a prix plus que raisonnable vous êtes au bon endroit,ne vous arretez pas au produit qui ne sont pas en stock vu que sur simple demande le produit peut être réalisé ou etre mis a jour tres rapidement enfin bon voila continuez comme sa vous êtes au top merci.

Rated by Bastian Drut
Your S & R Text. Could be a copy of what is in shipping.php, a precis of it, a link to it, etc. Whatever you decide you need...
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