Holts Brake Cleaner


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Holts Brake Cleaner

Grate for cleaning down RC parts from use in muddy or sandy areas, cleaning around carb and other hard to clean places, Hight presure jet will wash away dirt in no time.


  • Cleans and degreases all type of brakes and callipers (disc and drum brakes).
  • Eliminates lining residue and the most tenacious scaling, also any dust and fatty matter.
  • Can also be used as a degreasing agent on all mechanical parts.


  • Contributes to safety of braking system.
  • The ball valve means it can be used upright or upside down (360°).
  • Does not contain any chlorinated solvent, acetone or silicone CO2 propellant.
  • Powerful application jet (5 bars [= 72.5 psi])

Aerosol 600ml

Code: 5 2460600131
Barcode: 3256640018821
ITF Code: 53256640018826


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