High response clutch set - Red Spring


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CY High response clutch set fitted with a red Spring for more response from your engine.

also replaces HPI Part # 15448

The stock Baja 5B clutch starts to engage at 6000 RPM and is fully engaged at 7000 RPM.
This High Response set engages at 8000 RPM and is fully engaged at 10,500 RPM, which launches the Baja 5B at higher RPM for more punch off the line.

Chung Yang - CY engines : CY23RC / R230 / CY26RC / R260 / CY27RC /  R270 / CY29RC / GP290 / F270.
Zenoah Engines : G23LH / G2D / G230RC / G260RC / G231PUH / G260PUH / G260PU / G231PUM / G260PUM.

<p>great quality for price need to keep these in stock</p>

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