HPI Baja Screw Kit (all models) - High tensile


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This screw kit will fit all HPI Baja modes (SS, etc)

These Screws kits contain over 300 components all with in a easy to access safe convenient storage container with each compartment labelled to show type, size and part number to speed up finding that all important replacement screw out at the field.
All screws in this kit are allen key type screws (socket cap screws) with a black finish and metric threads to give the best possible fixing of components.
Washers and & nuts are zinc plated for that all important rush free protection to keep your RC model looking in a healthy condition from a good days bashing.

These kits contain enough components to build 1 Baja so you can be sure to always have plenty of spare screws to hand.

If the below list was not enough we will even give a life time warranty on all screws and fixing included. so if you brake or bend a screw we will replace it free of charge (P&P not excluded)

Items included:-
Screw Type : Part Number M3X10 z562
M3x45 z303
M4x16 94506
M4x25 94510
M4x6 94502
M4x30 94512
M4X50 94520
M5x20 94707
M5x30 94710
M5X35 94711

M3x20c/s Z087
M4X10 C/S 94529
m4x16 c/s 94631
m4x18 c/s 94632
m5x16 c/s 94730
m5x40 c/s 94737
m5x20 c/s 94732
M6X14 C/S 94879
M5X30 C/S 94735

Button Screws
M3x16B Z216
M3X35B Z362
M4x16b 94556
M5X12B 94754
M5x40B 94762
M6X25B 94909
M6X30B 94910
M5x45B 94763

Washers BZP
M3 Z224
M8 96710

Locking Washers BZP
M4 96704
M6 96706
M5 96705

Grub Screws
M3x3 Z700
M4x12 Z726
M4x4 Z721

Nylock nuts BZP
M3 Z663
M4 Z664
M5 Z665
M5 nut Z655

Compartment storage container.
All Cap screws are grade 12.9 = 176,900 psi!!!
Countersunk & Button screws are Grade 10.9 = 150,800 psi!!

Required Parts:


Allenkeys to fix screws in place.

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