Engine Clutch bottom spacer 6.5mm - 87571


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  • Model:87571-6.5
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Engine Clutch bottom spacer  for the zenoahs  R320 / obr engines

this spacer is shorter than the stock spacer,

over all Length of spacer is 6.5mm
5mm hole

<p>i asked Innovative RC if they could make a engine clutch spacer which is required for the new Zenoah 32cc engine for the Baja which is small than the stock spacer and they kindly agreed to make one to the size required saving money on buying a aftermarket clutch housing as the new Zenoah clutch housing comes with a slightly larger bottom stump (well that&#39;s what I call it) at the bottom. Fits perfectly and saves me filling down my standard spacer and getting it wrong and after looking everywhere for a specific spacer to fit this engine I believe only IRC supply them .... IRC get the word out on the forums as there is a market for them. Thanks a million again and as always your products are ace Many thanks Zach</p>

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