Diff/Bulkhead Housing - Rear Silver B2542


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Rear Losi 5ive-T & losi 5ive-B,  Losi 5ive-mini Diff Bulkhead Housing , Replace stock losi 5ive part B2542.

This rear bulkhead has a quick easy access to the pinion gear from the side of the bulkhead, and can be changed while still fully mounted to the vehicle in the event of having to change a bearing or pinion gear gives fast,quick and easy access with minimum down time.

Shims are also included with this bulkhead to re shim the pinion gear forward or back to fully mesh with the crown gear on the diff. also included are shims for use on the diff crown gear to get best fitment and life from the pion and crown gears. (we find a 0.8-1.0mm shim is needed on pinion on outside of the housing. and 0.5-0.8mm shim is needed on the crown bearings to get the best fitment, but please note this will vary from each gear set and will require trial and error for best fitments)

Please note, oversized larger bearings than standard are used through out on the diff and pinion gear. this does require modding of the a-arm brace if using after-market or stock due to larger bearings in use on the pinion. a small amount of material is needed to be removed. Innovative-RC arm braces fit with no mods.

only one diff insert is used in this bulkhead for carrying the diff cup. the non-crown gear side is a fixed bearing carryer machined in groove, while the pinion/crown side has been changed to a coustom made steel insert, that is suported by the diff hosing axial and longitudinal giving better suport under load giving a better gear life when using larger CC engines and the like.

Machined from billet 7075-T6 aluminium on full 5axis machine ,Incorporating larger bearings on the diff & input shaft. 9x24x7mm bearings on input shaft from CVD, 15x28x7mm bearings on diff cup (all bearings included with item).

Fully Compatible with stock out Drive cups and other makes. works with Stock towers & other shock tower makes.
100% Made in the UK

1x Rear bulkhead
1x Rear diff insert to bulkhead
1x full set of shims to re shim pinion gear & diff.
1x Screw Hardware to assemble with, all BZP Steel Screws for long life
1x Anti-Roll Bar Brace
1x Bearings Full Set - 2x - 15x28x7mm ,2x - 9x27x7mm,

no other parts, just Fitting.

We recommend dry fitting the diff into the hosing and checking gear mesh and re shimming if needed.

Life Time Warranty


<p>Hi, I&#39;m leaving this review as I had purchased a chinese so called CNC billet alloy diff/bulkhead for the 5ive t and I had problems with it out the Box. It was not billet alloy was Cast Alloy that had been shaped with a CNC machine to finish. After the work it took me to make it fit correctly it then kept destroying pinion shaft bearings (Ceramic ones aswell). So I did a bit of reasearch and found that Innovative RC made one in the U.K, I imediatley bought one of the rear Diff/Bulkheads from them. The size is Exact and the Fit and Finish is The Best I Have Seen they are machined from a solid bar of T-6 Hardened Billet. These bulkheads are actually made inhouse by Innovative RC themselves. I HOPE that everyone that reads my Review will realise that the engineers at Innovative ONLY make the BEST Quality Upgrades. I Hope this review helps you to make up your mind on your purchase. Thanks for Reading GaryGadget.</p>

Rated by Gary Taylor
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